Africa pigs nutrition products

Example AMV for pigs grower and finisher
Mineral feed for pigs

Calcium carbonate – Monocalcic Phosphate – Salt – Sodium Bicarbonate – Amino acids – Vitamins Trace elements – Enzyms – Clay - Antioxidant

remix for pigs grower and finisher

Packaging : 25 kg bags

How to use AMV PIG ?
According to formulas and raw materials on the site of manufacture (cereals, soybean, or other raw materials) incorporate in feed at a rate of :

•           3 % for AMV pig grower
•           2.5 % for AMV pig finisher

Why to use AMV PIG ?           

The intake of minerals, vitamins and amino acids allows supplement the rations of growing and finishing pigs to satisfy their nutritional needs.

The formula’s balance is essential to the development of raw materials used in farms A balanced diet can exploit the genetic potential of pigs.

The  formulation  can  be  0ptimized  according  to  the  raw  materials  on  the production area

Nota: all our products are customized for each country depending the local conditions and raw propducts availabilities

Gestating & lactation sows AMV

First stage piglet feed

Organic acids liquid premix for pigs