AMV / Premix gestating and lactating sows in Africa

Mineral feed for sows

Composition :

Calcium carbonate Monocalcic phosphate – Salt – Sodium bicarbonate Amino acids – Vitamins

Trace elements – Enzyms – Clay - Antioxidant

Packing : 25 kg bags

How to use AMV sow ? À
According to formulas and raw materials on the site of manufacture (cereales, soybean, other raw materials) incorporate the mineral sow at a rate of :

o          3% in the formula « Gestation »
o          3.5% in the formula « Lactation»

Why to use AMV SOW (AMV TRUIE) ?           
Sow feed formulation, based on the criteria of regularity of its nutritional ingredients.
Diversification and protein sources (soybean meal, extruded soybeans, ...), energy (starch and sugar, soybean, flax ...) and fiber (bran, shells soybean, sunflower cake, ...) can make food palatable and regular.
The high level of energy and amino acids promotes milk production of sows without causing excessive body weight loss. Piglets are heavier at the weaning period and the production cycle of the sow is accelerated.

Nota: all our products are customized for each country depending the local conditions and raw propducts availabilities

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